Sour Cream Blackberry Cake

After having a family taco Tuesday, I noticed that there was some extra left over sour cream in the refrigerator. Well since taco Tuesday is now once a month I knew that I just had to put that sour cream in use. Sour cream is a great ingredient in baking or cooking, I especially enjoy it in bake goods such as cakes, and biscuits. I hate to see food go to waste so I searched for recipes with sour cream and of course I chose to go with cake.

I found one recipe that seem pretty easy to make but the only problem was that it called for butter, which I ran out of. However I always have coconut oil on hand so Why not? I wasn’t sure how to substitute it to the recipe, but I read that since coconut oil can be liquid or solid I’ll just have to replace it with whatever the recipe calls for. This wasn’t the only adjustment I also didn’t have lemons on hand or enough fruit that the recipe called for. As for Sugar I have been using my Truvia sugar instead but if you like regular please use it.

I did what I know best just to use what I have to make it work. Remember recipes are guidelines but we make it our own!



Original recipe, click the link below:


I used coconut oil in its solid form to substitute for butter, I made sure to scrap down the sides of the bowl so that it can fully incorporate.

I used Truvia instead of regular sugar.

I also used blackberries in my cake, any fruit can work.


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