Simple Orange/Lemon Syrup!

The other day I  juice at home, I had some left over oranges and lemon peels. I felt a little guilty just throwing it away, so the Chef in me decided that I was going to make some  Orange/Lemon syrup!

I knew that making a syrup would come in handy especially in my bake goods.  I had about 2lbs of orange and lemon peels leftover from my juicing. For every pound of citrus peel I was going to use a cup of sugar. So I muddled the citrus and sugar together, making sure that I extracted as much juice from the peels as I could. I place the mixture in a container and  set over night. It was amazing to see that I made some syrup. I strained the mixture and got about a cup of liquid.

The syrup itself was sweet, which is perfect for pretty much anything. I was so excited, that I found a great recipe of an Orange loaf cake and decided to make it. With no waste intended, I put the syrup in good use. After the loafs came out of the oven, I poured each with the syrup letting it soak into the cake as it cooled. This made the cakes super moist and gave it a delicious taste.

Orange Loaf cake recipe:










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