Oatmeal cookies are one of favorite cookies, second to the chocolate chip.  Being that I never made oatmeal cookies before I decided to try it. I searched online  for an oatmeal cookie recipe, there I found one from (allrecipes.com). I read users reviews on the recipe and they seem to be positive, so I followed the recipe as instructed. This was a no brainer they were easy to make and I even added a few blanched almonds and some pecans just for that extra crunch. The cookies were soft and chewy, just how I like them! They were a real hit with my family, my motherRead More →

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, its what gives us energy to keep moving. Well, this morning I decided to make an easy, fuss-free, breakfast with things I have around the house. Todays menu consists of Farina, which I cooked using milk/ground cloves/ cinnamon/sugar to taste and a touch of vanilla extract. I figured that a side of scramble eggs and homemade biscuits, along side the Farina,   would be the perfect fit. The biscuits in this meal were the real star. They were Quick Drop Biscuits courtesy of the Joy of Cooking.  These biscuits did not require kneading, which made themRead More →

There are many lechoneras in Guavate, Puerto Rico’s Pork Highway. I remember learning about this place while watching  Andrew Zimmern on Bizarre Foods. He was in the town of Guavate and though there were many lechoneras in sight he travelled to the top of the highway to have lunch at “Los Pinos.” I knew that if I was ever in Puerto Rico, I just had to go and check this place out. I was fortune enough to visit Puerto Rico and have the opportunity to indulged in what Los Pinos had to offer, PORK yes you heard me, delicious fatty Pork! Los Pinos aren’t shyRead More →