Last Sunday we decided to throw a TACO PARTY for our friends. My boyfriend brought home a good amount of limes.  At first I thought that we can make some frozen Margaritas, which I love! But I just had to bake something with them, so I decided that I wanted to make lime cupcakes with a lime cream cheese frosting. I searched on pinterest and found a lime cupcake recipe, however this recipe was for Margarita cupcakes which would have required me to add some tequila, since I didn’t have tequila at the time I made them booze-free. Tip: A pastry chef I knowRead More →

For Christmas dinner this year my mother requested ceviche, ceviche is an Ecuadorian dish which is marinated seafood in citrus, it can be prepared using any type of seafood like fish or shrimp. At my mothers house we eat ceviche only on special occasions like for the holidays or birthdays, we do so because shrimp can be very expensive. This year I had the honor of making Ceviche for my family. The recipe is as follow: Shrimp Ceviche recipe: servings 10-13 juice of 10 limes juice of 2 oranges bunch of cilantro, chopped 4 red onions thinly sliced 5 tomatoes sliced 3 pounds of rawRead More →

  Every Sunday I look forward to having a nice homemade meal after a long work week. Its always special because I don’t cook. Instead, my boyfriend does the cooking and he really enjoys it! He is a rock star in the kitchen and with no professional culinary experience, he relies on his palate. Of course I am his taste tester but at the end he gives the final call. I love to share my input with him and every now and then I give him a few tips. Because most of my time spent is in a kitchen, on Sunday I get to kickRead More →

I wanted to make a simple dessert for my sister’s baby shower, so I decided that Vanilla cupcakes would make the perfect treat. I used pinterest to help me search for a Vanilla bean cupcake recipe. As I searched I stumbled upon one by Sally’s Baking Addiction. It was a simple Vanilla bean cupcake recipe that looked pretty easy to follow. I measured my wet and dry ingredients as indicated in the recipe however, I was careful to mix the dry in with the wet ingredients. I did so in batches of three. I read that its important to let the flour mix well soRead More →

As I was eating a bag of M&M’s candy it hit me, why not make cookies using M&M candy? I stumbled upon a Chewy Oatmeal M&M recipe featured on Pinterest by The pictures on her Pinterest of the cookies were amazing and I knew I just had to try to make them. Her recipe can be found on the link that follows: I followed her recipe as described but I added about a teaspoon of Hazelnut oil to the cookie dough. Since I did not have enough M&M candy to cover the 1 cup originally stated, I decide to add mini chocolate morsels toRead More →

  Ever since I can remember my mother always made empanadas for my brothers and I. It was served with a bowl of Farina or oatmeal. I remember waking up Saturday mornings to the smell of pastry dough frying away. It was such a delicacy for us. How can something so simple taste so good? I knew that I had to recreate that same feeling in my own house hold. My boyfriend and I had previously purchased frozen empanada discs at the supermarket, knowing that eventually it was going to be put to good use. They usually come about 10 per pack. I wanted to make twoRead More →

  My boyfriend and I decided to cook some fried chicken for Sunday dinner. Since he doesn’t like to follow recipes he creates them instead. When he is in the kitchen he does what he knows best and that is to create different flavor profiles. He marinated the chicken in buttermilk for about 30 minutes. While the chicken bathed in buttermilk he worked on seasoning the flour with spices, like Old Bay, salt and pepper to give it his own taste. Because we don’t own a fryer thermometer he estimated the temperature by frying one piece of chicken. After a couple of tries he gotRead More →

I WANTED to make a healthy sweet potato cookie, yet  I could not find  a good recipe. So instead I found a recipe online using sweet potato as the key ingredient for making cookies, I was intrigued that an orange glaze was used as a garnish for this recipe. But since I did not have fresh Orange Juice I used what was in my refrigerator, the next best thing Lemon! I followed the recipe as instructed, first I measured my Dry ingredients then my Wet! The recipe was really easy considering that I had every single spice in my pantry. However the original recipe calledRead More →

I had left over sour cream in my refrigerator from a previous recipe that I did before, so I decided to put the sour cream to good use. I am a big fan of many cooking shows, one show in particular that I enjoy watching is Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. He had visit one location where they were know for their sour cream pound cake. I have used sour cream before when I made an Apple upside down cake, and I know that it is very good in keeping cakes moist. So I thought why not use it If it can createRead More →

Oatmeal cookies are one of favorite cookies, second to the chocolate chip.  Being that I never made oatmeal cookies before I decided to try it. I searched online  for an oatmeal cookie recipe, there I found one from ( I read users reviews on the recipe and they seem to be positive, so I followed the recipe as instructed. This was a no brainer they were easy to make and I even added a few blanched almonds and some pecans just for that extra crunch. The cookies were soft and chewy, just how I like them! They were a real hit with my family, my motherRead More →