This holiday season we celebrated my nieces’s birthday and Christmas. I wanted to make something fun for the kiddos to enjoy. My obsession with Oreo cookies lead me to make some crispy treats for my family. I wanted to make some unique sweets, so I decided to search the web for some insight in creating this unique sweet concoction. Since I did not find an exact recipe for Oreo Chex that I liked, I made my own. Just a few simple ingredients and magic was made, tasty deliciousness magic. This treat bar was a hit with the adults and kids, and a real time saverRead More →

The other day I  juice at home, I had some left over oranges and lemon peels. I felt a little guilty just throwing it away, so the Chef in me decided that I was going to make some  Orange/Lemon syrup! I knew that making a syrup would come in handy especially in my bake goods.  I had about 2lbs of orange and lemon peels leftover from my juicing. For every pound of citrus peel I was going to use a cup of sugar. So I muddled the citrus and sugar together, making sure that I extracted as much juice from the peels as I could.Read More →

If you want to try something that won’t make you feel guilty then these protein bites are just the thing, they’re great for anyone looking to have a sweet treat. I have made these protein bites before and they are as delicious as I remember. I love having a sweet treat after dinner or just as a snack anytime of the day. I also try to work out as much as I can during the week so these little bites are perfect to keep me in line.   These can be made with any dried fruit, chocolate or anything in between. I got the ideaRead More →

Sticky toffee pudding has become one of my favorite desserts. I first had it back in Culinary School when a friend of mine made it for the class, it was delicious!! I wasn’t a big fan of dates but this dessert blew me away and I just had to make it.     For those not familiar with sticky Toffee pudding its a British dessert sponge cake made with finely chopped dates and covered with a toffee sauce served with a vanilla custard sauce or ice-cream. I decide to that I just had to make it, I found a recipe on that I like andRead More →

I have found my love for bake cake doughnuts, they’re delicious and easier than fry ones. Making these are a breeze especially when you want to impress your family or friends. I decided on whipping up a batch of these bake doughnuts using sour cream. Sour cream added texture and gave me a more moist cake doughnut, plus I really didn’t want it to go to waste. These doughnuts were quick and easy they only took about 12 mins to bake. I used a mini cake doughnut pan and baked the doughnuts in batches. They can be baked in bigger doughnut pans as well. IRead More →

I have finally discovered the best flavor combination ever!!!! I might be a little late but if you’re craving a light but sweet dessert then this Lemon Ricotta Cake is for you. With all the extra ricotta I had in my refrigerator I knew I had to use it before it went bad. I had made lemon ricotta pancakes with the ricotta cheese and they were divine, so I had a thought ‘Why not make a Lemon Ricotta cake ?” After working such a long busy week, it was finally Friday and all I wanted to do was bake a cake, with only three eggsRead More →

I have always been a fan of sweets, whether its cakes, pies, cookies or ice cream I simply cannot help myself. Especially when it comes to chocolate, the rich taste of dark chocolate is my all time favorite. I love using dark chocolate in my baked goods, it not only taste delicious but it looks beautiful. I always have dark chocolate in hand, whenever a recipe calls for it. This chocolate brownie cookie recipe was perfect for any chocolate lover. It calls for both bittersweet chocolate and cocoa powder. Just seven ingredients and viola your on your way to making yummy cookies! This recipe doesn’tRead More →

Bananas are always a great healthy snack to indulged when your trying to eat healthier. At home we keep at least to bundles of bananas in hand. I love having them in my oatmeal or making a protein shake out of them. Like any other fresh produce, they can spoiled very quickly! So whats a girl too do, perhaps make banana bread. Yay! I’ve made banana bread before plenty of time and its always a hit. However, I wanted to try something a bit different. I wanted a banana bread that wouldn’t make me feel guilty eating it. So I found this amazing recipe Greek YogurtRead More →

  Tres Leches Cake is a family favorite, it’s a Latin American icon that I grew up eating. It’s one of my all time favorite cakes, it brings me back to my childhood. I remember having this cake at birthday parties and family gathers. If you never had a Tres Leches Cake I recommend you do so. You will find this cake in many Latin American bakeries, each with their own unique twist. I find that the frostings  differ some have a meringue frosting and others use a whipped cream frosting. I prefer Tres Leches with whipped cream, it really depends on your preference. Note* I madeRead More →

Coconut can be very versatile, whether its oil, milk, or water its a great use for many sweet and savory recipes. Many people around the world in the tropics and subtropics use coconut in their daily diets. Coconut for me brings me back to the Caribbean sitting on the beach in Puerto Rico and enjoying a freshly cracked coconut, theres nothing better than enjoying a fresh fruit at its peak. This is why I thought that making a coconut cake would be a great idea, and I had the privilege to make a cake for a friend of mine on her birthday. After searching for a recipeRead More →