Miso, Lets make Chocolate Chip Cookies

When you think of Miso what is the first thing that comes to mind ?

For me its miso soup, savory delicious soup, not in a million years I thought of adding it into a cookie recipe. However whenever I see an ingredient it always tend to hit some sweet notes. Miso is fermented soybean paste a seasoning used in Japanese cuisine. The results are a thick paste that in my opinion has almost a nutty flavor to it, similar to a thick peanut butter.

What better way to use it then in cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies of course. I cannot help that sweets are always on my mind!

I haven’t seen many cookies that offer miso in them, so I searched and stumble upon one. I first made this recipe following it step by step but I accidentally forgot to add the granulated sugar, with quick thinking I rolled the cookies into ball shapes and coated each one with the sugar. I figured I could still add the sugar in some way. The results were delicious and a hit with my family especially my sister-in-law who requested I make them again.

So I did but this time following the recipe exactly and not forgetting to add the granulated sugar. I double the recipe because I wanted to freeze some dough. I baked the cookies using a #24 round cookie scoop which is about 3 Tablespoons because I wanted to make them pretty large, I also baked the cookies 2 mins extra and slightly pressed down on them to get that beautiful flat cookie texture. As the cookies cooled they harden but were still soft and chewy which I think makes the perfect cookies.

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Surprise your family and friends with this unique cookie, and they will love it.

Cooks Notes:

  • I added some Maldon Sea Salt Flakes on top of the warm cookies, I love the salty note it gives the cookies.
  • I love using dark chocolate chips, just a personal preference.
  • Bake the cookies an additional 2-3 mins but keep an eye not to over bake.
  • Freeze extra cookie dough, great for when your craving a warm cookie.
  • Enjoy with family and friends




  1. I love shiro miso. I used all the time at zuma. Great recipe

    1. Author

      Thanks Edwin, who would have thought that Miso and Cookies make a great combination.

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