Easy as Pie! Apples of Course

This year was the first time I went apple picking. Friends and I went to Warwick Orchards in NY where there were a great selection of many kinds of apples, pumpkins and beautiful animals. Warwick also offered Honey and yummy apple cider doughnuts.


I could totally feel my mouth watering as we got closer to the orchards, all that I could think of was stuffing my face with an apple cider doughnut. Of course I did and as we were ready to pose for a silly photo I got stung by an angry Bee! though my lip was swollen it did not stop me from eating my doughnut!

After Enjoying some awesome apples along the way I figured I just had to make an Apple Pie. Whats more American than that!

I already had some leftover pie dough in my freezer from a previous recipe. I use that dough to make an incredible Slap Yo Mamma Pie! j/k, but it was really that good.


Okay so I already had the dough down just needed a pie filling and here is what I found:

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Good Old Fashioned Apple Pie

Such a great pie filling I could not help myself but eat it straight from the pan. This recipe is easy as pie, try it!

Cooks Notes:

I used a mix of Empire and Mutsu Crispin apples from the orchard



  1. Your story sounds so yummy and it makes me hungry…love the pictures…

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