Easy as LIME PIE !

                 Limes not just for Margaritas!! Here I like my limes just a bit more sweeter, sweet like me. I really wanted to make a Key lime pie but lets be real who could find them at their local supermarkets? So I use the next best thing “Limes.” Limes are easy and can be found pretty much everywhere. I bought mine from my local supermarket and got about a pound of them. The cashier asked me if I was planning on making Margaritas I told him , “no sir, I’m making Pie”! He gave me a confused look as if he had never heard a lime pie.

The main differences between Limes and Key limes are that key limes are smaller and much more acidic but have a sweeter taste than limes. The Chef in me knows that you must use what you got and just make it work plus I was on a budget. I always tend to have lots on random stuff in my pantry just incase the baking bug bites me. I tend to do most of my baking in my pajamas so you won’t catch a cute photo of me here.

Pie recipe:  honestandtasty.com/the-best-key-lime-pie-recipe/

So finally after searching for an awesome recipe I found a super easy one on Pinterest. The pie is pretty darn easy, just don’t get any juice in your eyes after squeezing , Yes it happens!

After baking the pie it had to cool in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours, I was just so impatience and let it cool for just 30 minutes and cut right into it. It was slightly warm but delicious! I topped the pie with fresh whipped cream and some lime zest.


This pie can be made in advance and then topped with fresh whipped cream, a true crowd pleaser.



  1. I bet This pie came out as sweet and delicious as it looks 😋
    And true limes aren’t only for margaritas
    You can do lots of good things with it.
    #sweet like a lime😂😋

      1. Coconut milk. Not so dense, and is creamy enough to do the job.

        1. Author

          Hey Antonio,
          Lime pies or Key lime pies require sweetened condensed milk, but if you like the coconut flavor try adding some coconut extract and topping the pie off with coconut whipped cream.

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