Fresh lavender is a versatile ingredient that you can incorporate in both sweet and savory dishes.┬áLavenders floral notes works well with coconuts rich bold flavor, making it the perfect combination for this recipe. If your sweet tooth is as big as mine then its hard not too want sweets. This recipe satisfies anyone looking for an easy guilt free ice-cream fix. You almost think you’re having regular ice-cream. Purchasing an ice-cream attachment for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer was probably one of the best things I own. I wanted to start making fresh ice-cream at home. Yes, its easy to buy ice-cream at the marketRead More →

Yes, you can have your cookie and eat it too! Thanks to the new phenomenon of Aquafaba (bean- water), which can be found in your pantry or you can make it at home. Vegans everywhere will be please, who said you couldn’t have a cookie that looks like it was made from egg whites ? Aquafaba can be used to make Vegan Mayo/whipped cream/meringues and so much more. Today I wanted to make meringues, I personally never made a Meringue Ever! Whats the worst that could happen I open up a can of chickpeas save it for lunch later and use the water. Well IRead More →

    So lately the new trend has been “Vegan,” I personally did not know any Vegans until recently. I myself I’m not a Vegan but one of my very close friends “sister” if you will has adopted the Vegan diet and she did so for health reason. I respect the plant base diet and I know its a great thing to eat more of our vegetables and fruits and any other superfoods that we as humans may benefit from. For myself I have tried to make better choices in what I consume but every now and then I love to indulged in something sweet,Read More →

I’ve had plenty of vegan desserts but I never made one myself, this chocolate cake is a vegan recipe because it contains no eggs or milk! This recipe was very easy to follow, and the results were incredible, this cake was light and not dry at all. To my surprise it was lighter than most regular cakes I have baked. With just a few simple ingredients that you have in your pantry, you can whip up this cake ! While sitting at home and searching for the next recipe to try, I stumbled upon this recipe from Youtuber: BakeLikeaPro The recipe, Chocolate Vegan Cake 1Read More →