When you think of Miso what is the first thing that comes to mind ? For me its miso soup, savory delicious soup, not in a million years I thought of adding it into a cookie recipe. However whenever I see an ingredient it always tend to hit some sweet notes. Miso is fermented soybean paste a seasoning used in Japanese cuisine. The results are a thick paste that in my opinion has almost a nutty flavor to it, similar to a thick peanut butter. What better way to use it then in cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies of course. I cannot help that sweets areRead More →

When you are ask to make cookies even if you’re really not in the mood too, and can’t decide you make “Brookies.” These cookies are the best of both worlds and they won’t disappoint, Kid approve I can assure. I love brownies and cookies so these were the perfect combination and they make any cookie jar stand out. Click link below for recipe: https://www.melskitchencafe.com/brookies/#_a5y_p=2483802   You may need an extra hand in the kitchen to prepare these cookies. I got a hand from my little nephew who volunteer to help me make them. Once the two doughs are made you are ready to roll themRead More →

After having a family taco Tuesday, I noticed that there was some extra left over sour cream in the refrigerator. Well since taco Tuesday is now once a month I knew that I just had to put that sour cream in use. Sour cream is a great ingredient in baking or cooking, I especially enjoy it in bake goods such as cakes, and biscuits. I hate to see food go to waste so I searched for recipes with sour cream and of course I chose to go with cake. I found one recipe that seem pretty easy to make but the only problem was thatRead More →

This holiday season we celebrated my nieces’s birthday and Christmas. I wanted to make something fun for the kiddos to enjoy. My obsession with Oreo cookies lead me to make some crispy treats for my family. I wanted to make some unique sweets, so I decided to search the web for some insight in creating this unique sweet concoction. Since I did not find an exact recipe for Oreo Chex that I liked, I made my own. Just a few simple ingredients and magic was made, tasty deliciousness magic. This treat bar was a hit with the adults and kids, and a real time saverRead More →

The other day I  juice at home, I had some left over oranges and lemon peels. I felt a little guilty just throwing it away, so the Chef in me decided that I was going to make some  Orange/Lemon syrup! I knew that making a syrup would come in handy especially in my bake goods.  I had about 2lbs of orange and lemon peels leftover from my juicing. For every pound of citrus peel I was going to use a cup of sugar. So I muddled the citrus and sugar together, making sure that I extracted as much juice from the peels as I could.Read More →

If you want to try something that won’t make you feel guilty then these protein bites are just the thing, they’re great for anyone looking to have a sweet treat. I have made these protein bites before and they are as delicious as I remember. I love having a sweet treat after dinner or just as a snack anytime of the day. I also try to work out as much as I can during the week so these little bites are perfect to keep me in line.   These can be made with any dried fruit, chocolate or anything in between. I got the ideaRead More →

I have always been a fan of sweets, whether its cakes, pies, cookies or ice cream I simply cannot help myself. Especially when it comes to chocolate, the rich taste of dark chocolate is my all time favorite. I love using dark chocolate in my baked goods, it not only taste delicious but it looks beautiful. I always have dark chocolate in hand, whenever a recipe calls for it. This chocolate brownie cookie recipe was perfect for any chocolate lover. It calls for both bittersweet chocolate and cocoa powder. Just seven ingredients and viola your on your way to making yummy cookies! This recipe doesn’tRead More →

Growing up my mom was good at creating her own concoctions to help feed her kids, she was no professional chef but she was our chef. An immgrant from Ecuador, she was not familiar with the American lifestyle, she only did what she knew and she was good at it. These fried cornmeal stuff cakes were one of her own creations. Its a comfort food I grew up eating and I think through the years she has gotten better and better at making them. I on the other hand have yet to master it, though its not complex  just simple ingredients such as: Fine cornmeal, salt,Read More →

Ocean City, MD a small beach community 4 hours from NJ, was the perfect mini getaway! This beach community offers a beautiful boardwalk filled with small eateries, from funnel cakes to cotton candy pretty much a little for everyone. This was my first visit to Ocean City so I did some research on restaurants and things to do during my 3 day stay. One local hot spot was Seacrets Bar & Grill, it’s a popular place for locals and tourist alike. This place did not disappoint, I had their signature drink Pain in de ass, multiple layers of  frozen rum runner and piña colada, itRead More →

Todays Sunday fun day was a crawl through three trendy Hoboken restaurants, first stop was for fresh Oysters at, Stingray Lounge. Here we enjoyed some epic tasty Oysters, Bluepoint oysters which are very meaty and Kumamoto oysters which are slightly smaller and have a sweet taste. These bad-boys were accompanied by some freshly grated horseradish, mignonette and cocktail sauce. I mixed both the cocktail sauce with the mignonette which really outshine the briny taste of the oyster making for a delicious combination. Yet Sunday fun day wasn’t complete without a cocktail so the bartender made me a fresh strawberry  margarita on the rocks using muddled strawberries as the sweeting agentRead More →