Brookies ( Brownie + Chocolate chip cookie)= Awesomeness!

When you are ask to make cookies even if you’re really not in the mood too, and can’t decide you make “Brookies.” These cookies are the best of both worlds and they won’t disappoint, Kid approve I can assure.

I love brownies and cookies so these were the perfect combination and they make any cookie jar stand out.

Click link below for recipe:


You may need an extra hand in the kitchen to prepare these cookies. I got a hand from my little nephew who volunteer to help me make them. Once the two doughs are made you are ready to roll them into balls. I got a bit more cookie dough left after rolling them all so I baked regular chocolate chip cookies as well.

After all the rolling is done, its time to combine these two and shape them to a circular shape, its doesn’t have to be perfect. I baked the cookies and let them cool before removing them from the sheet pan. These cookies don’t only look great they are delicious.

Cooks Note: Under baking your cookie gives you a nice chewy texture. Let the cookies cool completely before removing them they harden as they cool.



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