A Foodie’s Paradise (Lower East Side Edition)

 NYC is one Giant Melting pot with many, many food options. You can travel the world without ever leaving the city. This is what I love about New York !

One of my favorite neighborhoods to visit is the Lower East Side, just over the Williamsburg Bridge its a great place for any Food lover to explore and today was no exception. I was meeting a friend for lunch and we could not decided what to eat but she had a great idea about trying some Peruvian food cooked by a naked Chef “how could I say no to that” but he was not really naked it was just how he got his fame. Chef Franco Noriega aka “the naked Chef” restaurant “Baby Brasa” was close since it was still a bit early in the day.

So plan (B) was to find another place because we were starving, fortunately for us the Lower East does not disappoint. Chef Leah Cohen’s “Pig and Khao” was our next pick but it did not open until 5pm and it was only 3pm. Restaurant after restaurant there’s always something new to try and we finally stumbled upon “Speedy Romeo” know for their Wood fired Pizza.

We ordered some wood fired “wings” these wings were delicious a bit of spice with a cool smoky ranch sauce. Just the perfect start accompanied with some Moscow Mule to wash it all down. We had just gotten started after the wings were devoured we got our entrées yes we love to eat so we ordered two different pies. One called the “St.Louie” a tomato based pie with Italian sausage, pepperoni and pickled chilies. The “Dangerfield” with a bechamel based contained pork-veal meatballs, ricotta, basil and garlic chips, this pie was definitely one of our favorites.  

After our delicious meal we needed a sweet fix. My friend wanted to go to one of her favorite cupcake shop so as we walked there we stumbled upon a bakeshop that looked like a factory. Of course we were curious enough to walk-in and we were in awe. The shop “Supermoon bakehouse” on the LES was just incredible this shop specializes in croissants, but not your average croissant. These croissants are pretty unique they vary in different flavors from S’mores to chocolate and anything in between. We got something called the “Cruffin” which is a croissant baked in a cupcake tin giving it a unique cupcake shape. We got the passion fruit cruffin that was topped off with a dark chocolate glaze and a passion fruit curd.  One word to describe this “Cruffin”

Divine !

After all that deliciousness we needed to to rehydrate of course there was just one last place to visit before heading back to Brooklyn. We needed some bubble tea and I knew just the place to find one “Boba Guys.”

I first learned about Boba Guys during my trip to San Francisco and when I got back to NYC I knew I had to try them. These guys really know what they are doing, they offer many different kinds of flavors. We got the Machata and the Horchata, (rice milk) with tapioca bubbles. It was the perfect ending to a day full of delicious and tasty foods. Until next time NY!


  1. Love it 😍 , I really need to get out and visit Brooklyn

  2. One recommendation would you ever eat in a gluten-free restaurant maybe you would like to visit?
    Your food today look so good.Only wish, if you could visit a restaurant that is gluten free. It would be helpful .

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